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Hilton Nursing

Careworkers can be provided to look after elderly people needing support to remain at home, people with chronic disabilities or those discharged from hospital who need support to regain their independence. We offer a complete range of services from simple needs, such as a bath, to more complex requirements of twenty-four hour care.

We also provide respite for relatives who care for a member of their family at home and are often grateful for a few hours break from the pressures of their responsibilities. They are then able to return refreshed and more able to cope with their situation.

In addition we provide a night "sleep-in" service for those who need the security of a carer within call at night.

Our services can be arranged privately directly with the Hilton Office or through East Lothian Council Social Work Department. This can be arranged through Self Directed Support either Option 1 or 2

Option 1 involves a Direct Payment to the service user which the service user manages themselves by receiving the agreed amount of funding from the council and paying that money directly to the company providing the service.

Option 2 involves a Direct Payment whereby the service user chooses the company which will provide the care but the care provider is paid directly by the council.

Contact office for the latest Scale of Fees.